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Frontis Governance is the first Italian proxy advisory agency, born on September 2011
from a long-standing experiencein the proxy business, part of the international network ECGS ("Expert Corporate Governance Service").

A unique experience in the Italian market enables us to provide investors
with the most accurate corporate governance analysis and the full support in exercising their voting rights at shareholder general meetings.

Frontis aims to be the reference point for institutional investors in the loyal and honest dialogue with investee Italian companies,
with the only crucial goal of improving the corporate governance and so protecting all shareholders' long-term interests.

Since its birth, Frontis Governance joined the ECGS'network,
the only international partnership of local governance experts, in order to guarantee the most independent,
accurate and specialized local market expertises, in Italy and abroad.

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What we do

  • For Pension and Mutual Fund managers, that typically largely diversify investments in order to decrease exposure risk, undertaking roles in governance of the hundreds investee companies and impacting their decisions becomes nearly impossible. Moreover, international and local regulatory framework continuously evolves forcing institutions to great economic and cultural efforts to analyze and correctly act in different markets.Frontis Governance is an independent, expert and international help to pass through the extremely complex voting path and easily and to properly exercise shareholder rights. READ MORE
  • An effective corporate governance is not just complying with regulatory duties required by different legislations, but it is attained by understanding and improving all voluntary actions and procedures needed “to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the company and its shareholders”, considering the specific country’s regulations and culture, specificities of the sector, corporate dimensions and specific moment.The new Frontis Governance’s CG Rating Report allows all investors to deeply and quickly analyse all main governance aspects at investee companies. A useful tool to identify the potential areas of risk of a sustainable growth and the opportunities of a direct engagement with the issuers. READ MORE
  • With theECGS Engagement Model institutional investors can enhance the dialogue with the issuers, in particular with companies outside their traditional home markets. The ECGS network connects investors from different regions pursuing the same interests, while coordinating the overall dialogue with the issuers. This significantly increases efficiency and creates a right critical mass to make a difference and get things moving. Of course, the engagement service rests on the core strengths of ECGS: strong in-depth analysis combined with thorough local market expertise. READ MORE
  • Proxy voting in Italy is a complex process that involves several actors: from the shareholder/investment manager through local and global custodians, CSDs and corporate secretary.Frontis Governance offers an easy and cheap tool to pass through the complexity of the voting chain.Thanks to the ECGS network and consolidated international contacts, a direct and easy access to foreign meetings is guaranteed too, with a valid support in obtaining on time relevant meeting information and in physically processing the vote. READ MORE
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