Frontis Governance is an independent, expert and international help to pass through the extremely complex voting path and easily and to properly exercise shareholder rights.

    Analysis: of investee companies’ Corporate Governance;

Information: through the distribution of Meeting material;

Voting recommendation: through the analysis of General Meeting Agenda;

Proxy Agent: physically voting at Meetings.

The Frontis Governance approach

A good corporate governance cannot be seen as merely complying with local regulation and codes, that is just the basic element. In the same way, voting advice has to be considered in the light of specific circumstances as they relate to a specific company and various contexts during the year reviewed. Therefore, Frontis Governance analysis will always follow the case-by-case principle.

Frontis Governance’s guidelines are defined by applying the ECGS’ principles to the Italian market.

We consider that an ongoing discussion with the issuers is absolutely needed, aiming to improve corporate governance standards and to better define the market principles. Nonetheless, such discussion has to be stopped as soon as the notice of meeting is published, in order to not create bias in the analysis and to always guarantee the maximum independence of the analyst.

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