Corporate governance

Corporate Governance

An effective corporate governance is not just complying with regulatory duties required by different legislations, but it is attained by understanding and improving all voluntary actions and procedures needed “to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the company and its shareholders”, considering the specific country’s regulations and culture, specificities of the sector, corporate dimensions and specific moment.

Frontis Governance’s CG Rating Report allows all investors to deeply and quickly analyse all main governance aspects at investee companies. A useful tool to identify the potential areas of risk of a sustainable growth and the opportunities of a direct engagement with the issuers.

Over 150 governance-related indicators are analysed, taking into account the local market specificities, and categorized in 4 macro areas:

Share capital & Shareholder rights

Board of Directors (or Supervisory Board at the dual system)


Internal controls

A numerical score is assigned to each indicator, based on the level of compliance with international and local market’s best practice, to allow an immediate comparison with relevant peers. Main areas of concern are hyperlinked to the relevant section at the report, in order to easily identify the qualitative analysis.

Download here a sample of the CG Rating Report and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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