Meeting Calendar


ASTM, EGM – Single call: 12 February 2020 – Record date: 3 February 2020. Main issues: appointment of the Board of Directors; integration of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

FinecoBank, EGM – Single call: 18 February 2020 – Record date: 7 February 2020. Main issues: appointment of a member of the Board of Directors; amendments to the Bylaws entitling the Board of Directors to submit a list of candidates for the election of Directors, as well as increasing the number of Directors to be drawn from the “minority list”.

Cattolica Assicurazioni, EGM – First call: 6 March 2020 – Record date: 7 December 2019. Main issue: amendments to the Corporate Bylaws related to corporate governance proposed by a group of shareholders jointly holding 2.5% of the share capital.

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