Trasparency & Compliance

Statement of Compliance under Art. 124-octies of the Consolidated Financial Law (“Shareholder Rights Directive II”) – Annual Report 2022 (Italian only)

Frontis Governance – Dialogue policy with issuers and media (Italian only)

Frontis Governance Engagement Report – 2022

Conflicts of interest disclosure – 2022 (Italian only)

Frontis Governance Corporate Governance Principles and Voting Guidelines – 2023 (Italian only)

Ethos European Guidelines (English) – 2023

Detailed disclosure of Frontis Governance’s voting recommendations (Italian only) – 2022 





Robo-voting phenomena: An empirical analysis of institutional investors’ voting and proxy advisors’ recommendations – Nicola Cucari (Università di Salerno), Sergio Carbonara (Frontis Governance), Salvatore Esposito De Falco (Università la Sapienza, Roma), Konstantinos Sergakis (University of Glasgow) – EURAM 2019 (European Academy of Management) Conference Paper

Shareholder engagement e co-creation. Un’analisi su un campione di imprese quotate – Salvatore Esposito De Falco (Università la Sapienza, Roma), Nicola Cucari (Università di Salerno), Sergio Carbonara (Frontis Governance) – Sinergie Italian Journal of Management, Vol. 36 May-Aug 2018

Pay on Performance 2014. Analysis of Remuneration in Italian Listed Companies – Abstract (English)

Supervisory Bodies at Italian listed companies – analysis of the independence criteria FTSE MIB 2013

Pay on Performance? Analysis of 2012 Remuneration in Italian Listed Companies

First analysis of Directors’ remuneration at Italian listed companies – FTSE MIB 2011


Responses to public consultations

Frontis Governance – Comments to the Legislative Decree for the transposition of Shareholder Rights Directive II into Italian law (Italian only) – December 2018

Frontis Governance – Answer to 2017 review of the Best Practice Principles for Governance Research Providers – December 2017

ECGS Frontis Governance – Answer to Consob’s consultation on multiple voting rights (Italian only) – November 2014

ECGS 2014 Comment on the EU Commisson proposal for the revision of the Shareholder Rights Directive – June 2014

Frontis Governance – Answer to Best Practice Principles for Governance Research Providers – December 2013

ECGS responses to the Consob’s public consultation on Directors’ remuneration transparency – November 2011

ECGS answers to Consob consultation on changes to issuers and market regulations (Italian only) – September 2011



Frontis Governance Partners

Corporance (Spain & Portugal)

DSW (Germany)

Ethos (Switzerland)                                                                                              

E.R.M.E.S. – Engagement, Restructuring, Management, Enterprise, Sustainability Srl Benefit Corporation

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