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Frontis Governance is the first Italian proxy advisory agency, established in 2011 by the owner Sergio Carbonara after over ten years of experience in the proxy business. A unique expertise on the Italian market to offer investors the most accurate analysis of the governance of investee companies and full support in engagement and voting activities, with a single and fundamental objective: the protection of long-term interests of all shareholders.

Since its inception, Frontis Governance has partnered with other independent European proxy advisors with recognized long-standing expertise, in order to provide Italian investors with rapid access to international markets and foreign investors with the most accurate and specialized skills on the Italian market.

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  • Agenda Analysis

    Regulatory developments push towards an increasingly active participation of institutional investors in corporate life, and their high diversification of investments represents a significant obstacle to the correct and conscious exercise of voting rights.Frontis Governance offers the most efficient and effective solution for the analysis and management of all issues related to shareholders' vote. An independent, expert and international guide to go through the complex voting process and consciously and easily exercise shareholder rights.-Constant monitoring of the governance of investee companies;-Information: prompt notification of General Meetings transmission of meeting material; -Analysis of proposed resolutions;-Voting recommendations based on best market practices and specific corporate governance principles adopted by the institutional investor (customized recommendations); -Proxy voting: support in the correct submission of the proxy vote and representation of the shareholder at Italian meetings. READ MORE
  • Corporate Governance

    An effective corporate governance is not just complying with regulatory duties required by different legislations, but it is attained by understanding and improving all voluntary actions and procedures needed “to pursue objectives that are in the interests of the company and its shareholders”, considering the specific country’s regulations and culture, specificities of the sector, corporate dimensions and specific moment. Frontis Governance’s CG Rating Report allows all investors to deeply and quickly analyse all main governance aspects at investee companies. A useful tool to identify the potential areas of risk of a sustainable growth and the opportunities of a direct engagement with the issuers. Over 150 governance-related indicators are analysed, taking into account the local market specificities, and categorized in 4 macro areas: -Share capital & Shareholder rights -Board of Directors (or Supervisory Board at the dual system) -Remuneration Internal controls. READ MORE
  • Engagement

    Frontis Governance supports institutional investors in activating a structured and constructive dialogue with investee companies, in order to align the interests of management and shareholders towards the creation of sustainable value in the long term.Frontis Governance accompanies investors throughout the engagement cycle:-Definition of material issues-Identification of best market practices-Ongoing monitoring of investee companies -Identification of relevant counterparties to initiate the dialogue -Definition of the message and support in the engagement activities with issuers -Database management and support in drafting the annual engagement report Thanks to local and international partnerships, Frontis Governance also supports Italian shareholders in joining collective engagement campaigns organized by investors or international organizations / platforms. READ MORE
  • Legal Compliance

    Frontis Governance provides investors with its experience in complying with all the requirements of Shareholder Rights Directive II, through the definition and implementation of tailor-made Engagement and Voting Policies, based on the specific characteristics and needs of each investor:-Specialized training for internal structures and the Board of Directors on active shareholding issues;-Drafting of the Engagement and Voting Policy based on each investors’ profile and needs, identifying the most suitable internal procedures to monitor non-financial risks, dialogue with invested companies and exercise voting rights;-Definition of Voting Guidelines in line with best market practices and the specific principles adopted by the institutional investor;-Support in the definition and implementation of individual and collective engagement campaigns; -Analysis of General Meeting resolutions based on the voting guidelines adopted by the institutional investor (customized recommendations) and support in exercising voting rights in Italy and abroad; -Building and maintenance of databases on analysis, engagement and voting activities carried out by the investor, and support for periodic reporting. READ MORE
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